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Johannesburg, South Africa, is well known for its sudden afternoon thunder storms in the summer. One moment it’s blazing hot, the next it’s raining and then an hour later, it’s clear again.

Both this weekend and last weekend, though, it’s rained almost the whole Saturday, which has been nice, since I’ve not been in the mood to go out much anyway. And last night there was a huge storm!

When we were kids, we got told not to be scared of the thunder, because it was only Santa moving all the toys around in time for Christmas. Don’t ask me where I heard that from or why I actually believed it, because as most stories go, Santa lives at the North Pole, not up in the Heavens.

Whatever the story, either Mr and Mrs Claus had a huge argument or something went wrong up in Heaven because the storm was extremely loud last night. The claps of thunder were deafening and I jumped a couple times.

Thunder storms don’t normally scare me, but last night’s one did! Marc and I only went to bed at about one in the morning.