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How can anybody do such a thing? For what? You can’t even call it a moment of passion. Sheer depravity. I don’t even have a word to describe it. It is just wrong.

You read stories about it in the paper and think, what a shame. Poor child. But you don’t realise, or even consider, the full impact until it happens to somebody you know. Then it is just senseless and sick. I don’t know if the SMS was meant for me, or she sent it to everyone in her contact list as a cry for help. Yesterday, I found out that a friend’s toddler was raped. By her own father. Sick. Wrong. Insane. The girl is not even three years old at most and has her innocence and childhood ruined.

I barely know this friend of mine. I met her at work one day, when she told me what a lovely dog (a trained service dog) I had and that she admired me. I forget how the story goes. That was three years ago, when I first started working here. We keep in touch and I’ve kept up with what’s happened in her life. But we are not that close, so I don’t know why I can’t stop thinking about it.

Let me put you in the full picture. She tried many times to get pregnant. It’s never worked out. I think she had a miscarriage each time. Along comes this guy and by some miracle, she carried the baby to full term. A little girl. She called the child a gift from God. They broke up, got back together, had another baby. Another miracle. Another little girl.

I met this guy once. I did not like him. I knew that she could do so much better than him, but did not say anything. There was something wrong with the picture, but I did not know what. She was happy and why would she listen to me anyway? I should have said something. But how could I have known back then, when the little girl was just a baby?