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That is the only description that I have for Olga and her children, and their “second mother”, Maggie, who is more like family to them than a domestic helper.

On Thursday night, Marc and I went and had pizza with them, just to see how they were doing and catch up on news. It’s been ages since we’d met up last. Both little girls were shy when they arrived, but it was not long before Skye scampered away to play with other kids who were also out for the evening. You would not think that anything had happened to her, just by looking at her.

Skye has her second birthday next month. She was only a year and ten months when it happened. Deon does not live with them, but he came for a short visit and had a bath. A little later, Skye told her mom that she felt sore and Olga took her to hospital. The doctor told her to report the rape immediately, which she did.

Unfortunately, yestereday’s court appearance was not for a conviction, but Olga needed to have bail conditions set so that she could apply for a restraining order. She does not want him anywhere near her, the kids or any of her family again. She’s had to move, the kids are in a new school and she’s changed their surname to her maiden name.

She said that both her and Maggie had come close to having nervous breakdowns because of what was happening, but she was glad to be back at this little restaurant among all her friends. Indeed, everyone seemed to know each other there and she quickly was able to relax and let different shop owners watch her children as they pattered in and out of the video store.

By the end of the evening, both she and Maggie had relaxed and were even laughing as Skye had Marc wrapped around her finger. She had let him sit her in a trolley and kept rocking it back and forth every time he sat down, wanting him to push her around. Marc and I always maintaned that we don’t want kids, but watching him with Skye tonight made me wonder a bit.

But then, everything is good just in small doses…