I found out about this on Thursday already, but haven’t written about it until now. Part of it was because it just did not fit in with what I wanted to write about. In the end, it’s fallen into place, because Marc and I met up with Olga and her kids again yesterday.

After listening to a recital by the Rand Symphony Orchestra, we had an early dinner and spent the whole evening with Olga, her cousin, Dino, and the kids. Once again, we got to chatting about stuff, and the more we sit back and think about things, the more we realise, hang on … Unfortunately, it looks like Skye might need a bit of therapy, since she’s been behaving rather strangely lately. Olga says that it’s only recently that she’s started throwing things about. A packet of sweets, for example, she will empty on the floor. But then, she is two next month, and she is a very bright little girl.

So, getting back to that minor omission.