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It seems even computers have their bad days. Since they are made by man, I guess they are fallible. Anyway, it seems that half of Monday’s blog entry was lost, so I have some catching up to do.

That minor omission was that Deon is a drug addict. Olga was telling me over the weekend how she and Maggie suspected he was drugging her by slipping something into her food. She likened it to a slow poison, like you see on television. She said that occasionally she felt sore, like she’d had an injection. Though she found needles and threw them away each time, she never made the connection.

She told me how she just couldn’t think straight. Like something was clouding her thought processes. She knew what she wanted to do, but couldn’t remember how to get it done. Choosing a matchin outfit, or creating a spreadsheet were not as simple as before.

Scrap what I said before about miscarriages. Fact is, her doctor told Olga that she just could not have kids. Then along came Deon and suddenly she had two little angels. If he was slipping her drugs like she suspects, they must have contributed in some small way to her little miracles.

There is just so much I could write about Olga and the girls. We have visited nearly every evening, helping and giving what support we can. We listened as Olga talked  for ages about everything from problems at work (which I might get to in a future entry),  to stories about her mother and religion.

Skye is opening up too and the difference in her over this past week has been amazing. Especially last night. She was so vocal, talking with everyone and generally having a good time. She started it all by wanting someone to swing her. Initially, she did not want Marc to play with her, but after realising that he would not hurt her, she did not want him to stop. She had hold of his hands, knees tucked up and swinging up into the air and down between his legs, and all the way back up again.

Olga plans on having a combined birthday party for Skye and her younger sister, Savannah, closer to April, since their birthdays are a month apart. She has big plans for it, including a Shetland pony, jumping castle and a slippy slide. It’s definitely something we’re all looking forward to.