And ours were making it very clear that we’ve been neglecting them lately. We’ve only been home two nights this week. Well, I was. Marc has only been home on Monday. Thursday he had extra stuff at work.

So today, we took them to Zoo Lake and walked them round and around the lake … a total of four brisk laps. TJ nearly did not make it back to the car.

This did not stop him from having a go at me earlier this evening. I was rough with him. He snarled at me, turned and nearly bit. I promptly swung and smacked his backside. I did not hurt him, but he has been firmly reminded who’s the boss. Unfortunately, we are almost as much to blame as he is, since we’ve not been home so much this week.

Going back to the park, on our last lap, we ran into Martin. Amazing how things happen like that. Olga and I had spoken about him one evening because she is a big fan of Nianelle and I knew that Martin knew her personally. I had my camera with me, though once again, I did not take pictures. I’ve promised him some of Skye and Savannah. I’d like his opinion on them, since I don’t normally do people portraits and I know Martin is a professional photographer.

Right now, I still have a cold and need to go to bed and sleep …