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I don’t know if I can adequately explain this, but you know that feeling when you’ve been under an incredible amount of pressure, and stress, and you finally realise that enough is enough? Well, Olga’s reached that point. She’s been booked off work for the week, due to a viral infection. It’s hit her a little harder because of all the stress she’s been under.

Let’s recap some of what she’s been going through. Near the end of January, she discovered that her eldest daughter had been raped, at the tender age of one year, ten months. The next day, she was held up at gunpoint.

During the weeks that followed, she’s had to have her car towed twice because the battery was tampered with. On at least one occasion, perhaps both, the car was locked in the garage when this happened.

Then she was in court, getting bail conditions set so that he he cannot get near her and the kids. If things couldn’t get any worse, she got suspended at work on some outrageous charges, most of which ended up being dropped.

She would have been back at work this week, had she not fallen ill. But you can see some of what she’s gone through. It’s almost like out of a movie.

Skye, her eldest daughter, on the other hand is coming along in leaps and bounds. Her physical injuries will heal without surgery. When I first saw her she seemed to be fine, but was rather quiet and withdrawn, compared to the last time I saw her, earlier this week. She still throws little tantrums, but she is a lot more outgoing and becoming quite affectionate.

Olga said that she felt like Skye blamed her for what happened. Considering how young she is, I’m not sure it’s completely possible. But lately, she’s been more keen to spend afternoon naps with Olga, rather than Maggie, and even gave Olga a hug to thank her for some sweets.

Let’s hope that the family can now take some time out to mend. I intend phoning them in the morning and hopefully we can meet up after work for dinner or something …