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All I can say is that overindulgence is a bitch. But I’ll get there in a moment.

On Friday night, we met up with Olga and the kids at News Cafe and had dinner and a chat. This seems to be our new hang out now, since we got together there again on Sunday as well, after church (more about that too!), for Skye’s birthday.

It ended up being a late night again and on the way home, Olga phoned us, feeling nervous that something was going to happen to her and asked if Marc could spend the night in her spare room. I stayed on the phone with her until we got home, to make sure she was ok and then chatted with her more while Marc drove back again.

I eventually got to bed at about two in the morning, after surfing the internet and whatever else. Even though I woke a couple times, I slept until lunch time when Marc came home totally worried and shook me awake. He had been phoning me on three different phones with no  reply. I had been in a deep sleep since I’d not been feeling well and with my left ear against the pillow, had not heard a thing.

He said he had been driving well over the speed limit and I’m really hoping that he had not been caught on camera.

On Saturday night, we went to an awards function for work, which had an African theme. It was a semi-buffet type dinner, where bowls of food were brought to each table and we helped ourselves. I pigged out on the desserts (koeksisters and coconut tarts are so delicious) and paid for it over the next couple days.

On Sunday, we went to church, since Olga had asked us several times to join her. Marc said that he enjoyed it, but it’s never been something I’ve been fond of doing. I’ll still continue going, though. Just don’t ask me to sing!

We had to call it a day early on Sunday, since I was still not feeling well. I figured out later that I was still paying the price for indulging on too much sweet stuff on Saturday night. I slept from about seven that night until the alarm woke me for work on Monday morning.

Work has not been spectacular for me, but Olga has been having a ball on her side. Let’s just say, what goes around comes around, know what I mean?