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There is so much I could say about the people that Olga works with – or used to. But I won’t. She’s now moved to a different department in her company and left all the negative energy behind her.

You will have noticed by now that I stick to a first name basis in my blog, and try not to mention the names of companies and so forth. I do it for a good reason. Without last names, it could be anyone that I am talking about. Only the people mentioned themselves will know that I am referring to them, and not someone else. While Deon is small fry by comparison, the people Olga worked with wield a lot more clout, so the less said about any specific person, the better.

I have said this before, and now I’ll say it again. Jelousy makes you nasty. Envy is not a good trait to have either. When I think of someone with these kind of traits, I can imagine someone who does not have what someone else has and spends ages scheming and obsessing on ways to bring a person down. Thing is, these schemes don’t always work and the time spent on all the negative activities could have been better spent on trying to uplift yourself, and you may have missed out on an opportunity to better your own situation.

There are a couple more sayings that I like too. They are, “What goes around comes around.” And, “What you reap, you sow.” And how could I forget, “Payback is a bitch.” It might not happen soon, but actions do come back to haunt a person. All I’ll say now is … One day …