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I don’t think I have the words to describe what’s happened to me over the last month. I’m sitting here trying to put my thoughts into words and it’s impossible. One thing I can say with any certainty is that the ripples are continuing to spread and more and more people are being affected.

Earlier this month, Olga forwarded an e-mail that I sent her, to all her friends. This morning, Olga told me that my blog was now being read by a friend and other employees at the Office Plant. They were reading the story unfold and being inspired.

This site used to be just about me. A site where I could write about what happened to me from day to day, where friends and family could keep up with what was happening in my life. Ask anyone, they’ll tell you that I am terrible at writing e-mails and phoning people.

Until last month, I’d be lucky to have an average of ten hits per day to my blog. This month is not over and it’s already one of my best months ever, with over 470 hits to my site. Second only to the month that I released my wedding pictures back in July 2007.

Thing is, this is no longer just my story. This is all about Olga too and her precious little angel, named Skye, pictured above. Though their lives are improving day by day and things are looking better, the story may never be over. Just one day, we can say that we can put this chapter behind us.