I know it’s been a while – much longer than any previous absence. I cannot say it has been for lack of things to write about. More like the opposite and no idea where to begin. It has been quite a trip, but I think things are finally sorted.

Let’s see if I can put you in the picture somewhat …

Last year November, our company moved its IT developers out of Head Office, in the CBD, to a new building in Sandton. The traffic was a nightmare, the company was dismal (no offense to the people I work with) and there was just nowhere to go to “get away from it all”. Let me explain. One building with 5 floors (top floor being the canteen and eating area and “lecture hall” and about 400 people – about 100 to each floor. You needed to swipe your access card to go anywhere. Traffic outside was so busy that to go to the shopping centre over the road was not an option for me. Thus, I was stuck at my desk. The atmosphere was dead. Nobody socialised much. The attitude was, let’s get to work, get our job done and go home early enough to avoid traffic.

Marc could see this was slowly killing me. That, combined with traffic and the fact he did not enjoy his current job led him to explore other working options within the company and accepted a position on the Production team.

The return to Head Office is doing wonders. I am enjoying the new (or old) environment like you won’t believe. I’m back with my old friends, able to vanish to the pharmacy or cafe when I want.

Getting back in touch with my blind friends and their dogs has been wonderful, though unfortunately, I am once again reminded of seasons and how things come and go so easily. One of the dogs, Leonardo, has cancer at only 6 years of age. Another, Casey, is reaching the end of her working life as she is just generally slowing down and finding long distances difficult.

I have yet to hear about my application for a working dog. It’s been 2-3 months now and I am on the waiting list, though it is rather long.