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They say that time flies when you having fun, but seriously, what happened to this last weekend? All of a sudden, it was 22:00 on Sunday night, bed time and work the next morning!

Friday night was spent having dinner with Alan and Anthea at Sandton City.  We had dinner at Trumps, which is a steak house, but I had a chicken dish. I was in such a good mood that our friends were in stitches and Marc was blushing, but I won’t go into detail…

Saturday and Sunday mornings were both spent playing WoW, or World of Warcraft. My little Dwarven Hunter is now at Level 26 and I am really enjoying it. I found a new area, which looks less travelled than most, though I forget now what it’s called. Probably less popular because it’s filled with ghouls, skeletons and the like.

Problem now is that I have 14 more levels before I need to buy those expansions. Time to step up my efforts to lose weight and have less days like I did this weekend with food and sweets. I’ll have to burn it off with the Wii tennis.

Saturday afternoon was spent at OR Tambo airport with my mother, keeping her company between flights. She had flown in from Port Elizabeth and was due to fly out again to the UK to meet up with her husband, my stepfather, Gareth. It’s only been 3 months since we last saw her, but one can never get enough of family when you live so far apart.

On Sunday, we really overslept and only woke up when our phones rang just after 10:00. Marc made a chicken curry in the slow cooker and then went out for a bit. When he got back, Alan and Anthea paid us another visit. We had dinner after they left and watched a bit of PVR. Next thing I knew, it was bed time!