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I don’t know whether to believe it or not. The scale says so, and a friend just agreed too. It looks like I really am losing weight.

I got on the scale this morning and apparently, I have lost 2.5kg. Weighing only 48.5kg to start with, it seemed quite impossible to have lost so much in only a week. Especially since I had eaten some junk food and chocolate over the previous weekend. And not to forget that I had not played much on the Wii.

So how am I doing it? Not a clue to be honest.

Could it be that being in a vibrant working environment has helped pick up my mood and thus just being more cheerful can burn more energy? Or is it just a change of attitude in general? The conscious decision to want to lose weight.

I know I have cut back on how much I eat and the type of food. Usually, I will have fruit for breakfast and then go to the canteen for lunch. The vegetarian option is quite cheap and often very tasty, so I go for that and eat half at midday and the rest a bit later. Then supper time, Marc serves me a smaller portion of whatever we having for dinner. We do eat healthily, but do not consciously follow any specific diet.

I still don’t believe my scale. To lose so much so quickly after so many weeks of staying at the same weight can’t be possible. I think I will give it another week and see what it says next week…