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I knew it was too good to be true. There was a digital scale at the hotel room and on Saturday, we put it on a level bench and I weighed myself there. Result: 49.2kg. That is just over 3kg more than what it said on my scale at home. I could not believe the difference!

When I got home yesterday, I got on to Skype and had a chat with my aunt, Diane. We chatted about loads of things and somewhere along the way, I told her the story about the scale. What I said as well was that the scale was perched on the back of the toilet seat, which had a slight angle. I could not get on the floor and did not want Marc picking me up.

I told her that it was in the same position each time I weighed myself. She thought about it a moment and then said that no matter which scale was correct, so long as it was in the same position each time we took a reading. At the end of the day, fact would still remain that I was losing weight.

So yes, it doesn’t matter whether I weigh 46kg or 49kg. The only thing that matters is that last week, I lost 2.5kg and I plan to lose a lot more before my birthday next month.