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I actually don’t have much to write about today. I have been sitting here most of this afternoon, looking at the stats and wondering where this blog will go in the near future. My stats are improving at a rate of knots and woe betide if I miss a day…

Last week saw 259 hits to my blog. This month, I have over 400 hits in total and is looking to be my second best month ever, after July 2007 when I released my wedding photos. It will easily overtake the 545 hits made in March, before I took my unscheduled break from blogging.

The increase in hits is because I am punting this blog at every opportunity I get – advertising that I have written a new entry on both Twitter and Facebook, as well as a forum that I frequently visit.

Where will this blog go? Are people really interested in the day to day life of a married wheelchair-bound woman with two dogs? I don’t feel like anyone special, though am told every now and then that I am an inspiration. Why? This is just my normal life…