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I don’t know how I’ve done it, but I have managed to get through this day without cheating on my diet. With the exception of some dark chocolate from the hotel, I think I have been good the entire week. But I am still nervous of getting on that scale.

I think the best that I can hope for tomorrow morning is that my weight remains relatively unchanged. I say this because of our weekend away at Monte Casino and the fact that I have done no exercise this week. The only factor in my favour is that I have been watching what and how much I eat.

Last night, for example, Marc made a chicken curry which we ate with brown and wild rice, and mixed veg. Today, so far, I’ve had two bananas and a bowl of mixed salads (beetroot, pasta, mixed cooked veg, one egg). I don’t know what we intend to have for supper tonight.

One other bit of news is that I have e-mailed the South African Guide-dog Association and asked to have my name taken off the waiting list for a service dog. My reasons for wanting one have been purely selfish and looking at it realistically, to own a working dog is a huge responsibility.

If we were to have another dog like Fayth, we would not be able to go on holiday as easily as we do now. We can just phone the kennels and ask them to pick up our two brats and off we go. It’s not that easy with a service dog. You have to consider whether the destination will allow dogs (example being a game park) and whether the mode of transport is animal friendly too (compare plane, to car, or cruise ship).

TJ and Pumba are great dogs and I love them to bits. But they are just impossible on a leash most of the time. At the end of the day, it just boils down to the fact that I would love another dog that I can actually take for a walk and it will listen to me.