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So I was going to mention that I have not lost anything this week and I cheated on my diet by having a couple biscuits (didn’t have bananas today, though), but that pales when I start thinking of the crazy people I work with…

Just talking about those biscuits had me reaching for another one!

Moving back from Sandton, to Head Office, has got to be the best thing ever. Don’t get me wrong, the people I work with in Sandton are great, but that place just does not have the same vibe as here. Nore does it have the amazing variety of people. Most of my friends are here at Head Office, too.

Anybody that knows me will know that I will greet anyone that makes eye contact with me. It amuses me and I have a good chuckle when they don’t greet back. And then I strike up a conversation with anyone who will chat as well.

I don’t remember what made me start a conversation with Porcia the one day. We’ve worked in the same area for a couple years now, greeted and what not, but never really chatted. So we got talking and as conversations go, moved from one topic to another. As it turned out, I went to school with two of her brothers, back in Port Elizabeth.

The more I get to know this lady, the more I am convinced that she is as crazy as me! My wheelchair tends to generate a lot of static and I take great delight in touching someone on the arm as I go past. So does Porcia. Now, imagine the fun we have trying to sneak up and shock each other…

I found out quite quickly that she was ticklish. Unfortunately, she soon discovered that I had a similar weak spot …

Oops … did I just mention that in a public blog? 😀