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There are so many things that I could write about today, but let’s not go into my personal life, just for this once. I don’t mind telling you about things I do, but for once, I thought I’d write about something different. Something that I read that was an inspiration to me.

It’s been absolutely ages since I wrote about “Animals in the News”. The cute stories are very few and far between. Take Knut, the polar bear from Germany as an example. He’s all grown up now, though.

Equally rare are those little stories of inspiration. Totally unique are inspirational animals. And believe it or not, we have one right here in South Africa. Click here to read all about the story of Chelsey Cooper and her blind horse, Lady Domain. I am told that my story is an inspiration to people. Mine pales by comparison to this amazing beast, whose story is being negotiated for by Warner Bros.

Reading the article immediately brought to mind the story shared by e-mail of a blind horse and its friend in a field. Once again, a story that pales by comparison when reading about a horse with a disability winning competitions against fully sighted animals.

A story that will lift the most saddened heart. A story of love and infinite trust. Take it to heart, because if that horse can do it, so can you!