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And what a lazy one at that. We didn’t even go anywhere. Unless you consider the fact that Marc had to go to work …

Today was Heritage Day, in South Africa. It is intended to remind people of the different cultures in our country, but many, including myself, just appreciate the opportunity to have a day off from work.

I took advantage by sleeping in late, playing a little on the computer and then burning some energy on the Nintendo Wii by playing tennis. It has a fitness tracker, though I don’t know how accurate it is. The sweat trickling down my back after an hour was testimony enough that I was getting exercise. Though I am naturally right-handed, I have noticed that I tend to play better with my left hand. Unfortunately, I seem to be sorely out of practice because I have yet to beat the computer this week.

I probably could have played more than an hour, but thought I should not push it and began preparing to play with my new hobby of fabric painting. Marc took me shopping on Saturday and the craft shop was displaying candle-making, some kind of scrap mirror making and fabric painting. I remembered how Mommy made us pillowcases and stuff when we were small and I was immediately hooked.

Now, we spend time together with our new hobbies. He is building a small model aircraft and I have my fabric painting. He says I can paint the aircraft after it’s done but I’m worried that I might mess that up somehow. Like maybe the paint that I use is wrong or something like that.