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At least time hasn’t dragged to a halt, thought sometimes I need to check the clock just to make sure.

It is the Friday after a public holiday and it looks like most of the office has planned a long weekend. Unfortunately, not all of us are able to have such a luxury, since the company still has to go about its business, you know. Though I really don’t think anyone would have missed me.

Work is not the only thing that is going slow. Looking at the stats for my blog, it seems I’m getting a lot fewer hits this week compared to last. Yes, I missed a day or two posting, but at the same time, I don’t know when is a good time to advertise on Facebook and Twitter to get the most hits in. Maybe I need to write a more interesting message than “my blog has been updated”.

And let’s make it three in a row. My diet is also going slow. Hey I’m a poet. This is the second week now, that I have not lost any weight. I blame it on Wednesday’s table-full of yummy treats which was a “thank-you” to our team for good work done.

But I have been exercising. I logged into the Grand Slam part of Wii Tennis and discovered that I can unlock new abilities. Guess who is going to be burning a lot of calories this weekend, trying to play better and better.

Speaking of exercise, I’m wondering whether my body fat is turning into a bit of muscle. While the number on the scale is not decreasing, I am almost certain that my clothes are feeling a bit looser.

Time will tell …