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I want to try and keep my blog as transparent as possible. Won’t say it will work, but I can at least try.

I won’t say the last few days were hard.  It was actually good thinking back and remembering about Fayth. I am still remembering more and more each day and hopefully I will touch on more memories in the next few entries.

It has left me feeling rather quiet and very mellow. I can’t say really depressed, but maybe not as outgoing as usual, though I doubt that anyone has really noticed it at work, since I still tried my luck with annoying my friends.

At home, Marc will admit that I have been a lot more affectionate and seeking time with him. I have been needing that affection. Maybe, in a way, it’s opening up what I blocked from when Fayth passed and transferring to a new recipient. The way it should be for a husband and wife.

My moodiness could also be attributed to not sleeping well the last few days. Whether it has been from having a lot on my mind, or playing Wii right before bed, or being stupid enough to have a sip of an energy drink before bed, I don’t know. Maybe all are contributing.

I have been hitting the Wii a lot more vigorously the last few days. I am trying to lose weight, but the moodiness brought on a huge desire for chocolate on Tuesday and Wednesday, which did not help things.

Other than that, I have been feeling a lot better, physically. Where I used to fail miserably at a tennis match, in easy mode, I am now winning with ease. I am quite enjoying my winning streak, so don’t want to change the difficulty just yet.

I am also finding that my manual wheelchair is easier to push around, on the odd occasion that I do use it.