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And no, I am not calling for a round of applause. Unless it is out of sarcasm. I have not written for several days now. I had this page open all day today and just could not come up with anything  to write. It has not all been due to laziness. In all honesty, I have not been feeling 100%.

Marc woke up on Sunday feeling very sore and under the weather. Whether I caught the same bug as him, I’m not sure, but my back has been sore all week, preventing me from sleeping well. Last night, with the aid of a sleeping pill, I managed to get some decent rest. I felt good all day today, but now, again, I am starting to feel tired and have a minor headache.

I have not had a lack of stuff to write about lately, since it was my birthday yesterday and I was spoiled rotten, especially during the preceding days.

On Saturday, Marc came home with a webcam, the Wii Motion Plus (which has made Grand Slam Tennis so much harder!) and a mini kitchen set consisting of a small oven with two stove plates on top. This has been set up at exactly the right height for me to start improving my cooking skills.

Saturday’s dinner left a lot to be desired, though, with burnt chips and a frozen pie…

On Sunday, we met my mother at the airport, as she stopped over between flights from London, UK back to Port Elizabeth. Again I got spoiled with a golden retriever calendar, two paintings of puppies which we will frame soon, a packet of pear drops, a gorgeous little glass dragon all the way from Wales and a cute fridge magnet. On it, is a piglet, with the words: “I’m not overweight. I’m under tall.”

Yesterday, Marc bought cake for me to share with my work colleagues and then ordered the most stunning vase of flowers with everything in from carnations and lilies and roses. We have left it at work for the time being for everyone to appreciate the beauty.

Then, this morning, a lady that I barely know at work, but greet regularly, gave me a beautiful bead necklace. It is magnetic, so I can wrap it round in any design I like. This inspired me to dig out other necklaces I have but never wear, thinking that it is about time that I do wear them.

And we have had Anthea to visit who brought me a couple make-up goodies and a small bag of chocolate. To say that the last few days have been awesome would be an understatement.