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That is what I am of this cold. Seems like I fended it off well enough to enjoy my birthday. Since Thursday afternoon, though, it has made its presence known with a vengeance and I have had enough of feeling groggy and tired. Time to see the doctor.

In case you are wondering why I did not go to the doctor earlier. I don’t believe in taking antibiotics for every little sniffle. I prefer trying to prevent it from taking hold and beating the cold before it starts. Also, this cold does not feel the same as usual. I am not miserable and under the weather. Nor am I coughing with a chest infection. I just feel tired and have annoying sinuses. Only good news is that the cold has made me forget about my post nasal drip.

As you know, I am kind of on a diet. We have a scale, with a dial and needle on the front, which we normally place on the toilet seat when I weigh myself. This has not been a very dependable method of getting an accurate weight and I cannot get on the floor easily.

Yesterday, while he was out, Marc got a digital scale. Today, we tried it out by putting it on   top of his black storage box. It is much more level and stable than the back of a plastic toilet lid. Trying several positions brought several different readings from the digital scale, but we all agreed that sitting flat, instead of kneeling on it was the best way to get a reading.

The final reading: 43kg!

Don’t worry, I don’t believe it myself. We’ll just have to watch it going forward. Problem is, we will never know what my starting weight was and how much I actually did lose over the last few weeks.

I chose a new theme for my blog the other night. It should still be JAWS-friendly for my blind friends, while being a bit more visually appealing for my sighted visitors.

Porcia came to visit and stayed the night last night. She nearly didn’t because her 12-year-old Yorkie, Keisha, felt a little ill in the morning. A little TLC put Keisha right and Porcia was able to happily leave her at home while going out and having some fun. She enjoyed herself with Marc, chatting and having a few drinks. I was a less sociable hostess because of my cold and went to bed early.

Today was more fun. Porcia showed me how great it was to get a foot massage. She still can’t believe how soft my feet are. Then Marc went out again, and we relaxed on the couch, watching “Dirty Dancing”. We were planning to have an afternoon nap, but that never occurred.