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Most likely because I missed work yesterday. Marc and I went through to Heia on Saturday, intending to just spend the one night as a little getaway. What was meant to be one night became two, since we discovered that one of the ramps was breaking and if we were to load the chair again, it might break completely, causing my wheelchair to fall.

So, Marc went out yesterday to find that the company that made the ramps had moved and had difficulty finding the new location. And so we were unable to get to work. We got home in the late afternoon and I fell asleep while he went in to work to check on a few things. I slept a full two hours and then slept the whole night through again. So today, I don’t know if it’s too much sleep, or if I still need a bit more to get back into the swing of things.

Anyway, let’s back up and I’ll fill you in on the past week.

I had a few days where I was rather depressed last week, ending on Thursday. It seems like that day was a bad day for several people round the office and so Porcia, Barend and myself planned to have lunch together on Friday. It made for a nice change since Barend no longer works in the same building as us and we’re all mischevious by nature, so it ended up being an hour of laughter.

The dogs had already been fetched for a weekend at kennels on Thursday, since our maid, Selina, was at home to see them off safely. Since it was Diwali on the weekend, and with such a large Indian community in our area, we thought it wisest to have them out of the way during the festivities.

Since they were taken care of, it seemed like a great idea to disappear ourselves. Of course yes! And since nobody was driving, the alcohol flowed very freely. Even more so on Sunday than it did on Saturday. I will not go into detail other than it was a very fun weekend for both of us and we both regretted our consumption on Monday morning! That was probably the first time I had so much to drink and I bet I have surprised you all!

Going back to Saturday, we went to visit Porcia and I got to meet her 12-year-old yorkie cross, Keisha, who had been so upset the week before when her Mom slept over at our place. I am pleased to announce that Keisha is the first dog that likes me more than Marc. She remembered very clearly that Marc was the one who took Porcia away last weekend and so, no matter how hard he tried, could not get her to like him.

On Sunday morning, we got out of the dining area to find several zebra grazing right outside the front door, along with three young foals that were about five months old. Every time we go out to Heia Safari Ranch, that was the one sight I have always wanted to see and finally, I got the opportunity. Marc and I sat for a while on the verandah, watching them and we were rewarded with the sight of all three foals nursing from their moms.