I know I said a while back that I wanted to keep this blog as transparent as possible. Fact of the matter is, some things are just too personal to write about in a blog like this one.

I finally opened the site today. Can’t believe it’s been so long since I last wrote. Yes, things have been that hectic that this blog, photography and many other things have been very far from my mind. I have not been concentrating at work. Sleep has not been restful and the muscles in my back and shoulders have been knotted like you will not believe. When I wash my hair, I can brush out loose hair by the handful.

Last night was good, though. I slept the whole night through, for the second night in a row. This time, I actually remembered my dreams. Well, fragments.

In the dream, I was outside, with someone, or a bunch of friends. We were looking at potted plants, like begonias and I turned the one plant around, to see that it was covered in tiny little locusts. I looked to the left and saw a huge one in the distance, rising off the ground. It was easily the size of 2-3 houses. I remember having thoughts of drought and famine as well.

Cut to being in a large house with a bunch of strangers … possibly refugees of some sort. For some reason, I thought some of them were wrestlers. We were being spied upon by a mouse. We managed to kill it as it tried to slip through a trapdoor in the ceiling of its own making.

The mouse was replaced by a pair of cats. The house was a mess and we tried everything to try thwart the cat’s attempts to spy on us. Furniture and sheets would be moved randomly. Then Pumba caught and gutted the black cat…

Very weird dream. The only link with real life that I can think of is my friend Mike telling me that he used to do wrestling at one stage. What the rest of it means, I have no idea. Any suggestions welcome.