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What does the word mean? I don’t mean the official definition. I mean in every day language. When you explain to someone what an intimate relationship is. How do you put it into words?

This is how I see it …

An intimate relationship is not meant for any old relationship. You do not get intimate with your parents. Nor any other family member for that matter. Intimacy is not part of the relationship you have with your best friend.

So, from my point of view, where does intimacy fit into the picture? It is reserved for that special someone that you care for more than anything in the world. That person you fall asleep with in your arms. That person that knows your deepest darkest secrets, fantasies and dreams.

What is intimacy, then? It is something as complex as the act of sex, or as simple as a hug or a kiss. Intimacy, with that person you love, has so many different forms that it cannot be adequately explained. Yet, between those two people, the act means so much more than it would between family members or best friends. It expresses to the other person what your heart cannot put into words.

Intimacy is love and caring. A deeper understanding for that person that nobody else has. Where you just haveĀ  to look at the person and know what they feeling. Know what they want. Yet, have the dignity and respect to accept their wishes should they not seek your comfort. Know that you are the one they want to spend the rest of their life with. Know that when the time is right, they will return to your embrace and be one with you, as they were before.