Quite an interesting little blog entry, don’t you think? It was a short piece that popped into mind one night just after New Year.

I don’t plan to continue the story in any way. To me, it was a symbol of exploring new things. Having an adventure.

The whole reason that my blog has been so quiet lately is because I was sorting out my divorce. I guess this will come as quite a surprise to many reading this entry, but unfortunately, some things are not meant to be.

In the meanwhile, I went back to Port Elizabeth for the Christmas holidays, for a much-needed rest. I spent a little over three weeks doing absolutely nothing. The only friends I saw were two that work at Walmer Park because they work there and it’s my favourite shopping location.

Since returning to Johannesburg, I have cleaned out all my goods from the house. I threw or gave away a lot. I have now moved into a quad house with eleven other residents in wheelchairs. It’s a place for disabled people to be able to live independently.

That was about two weeks ago now. It has been a blast. The residents are awesome and I have made great friends with most of them. The surrounding area is quite flat, so I am able to go for walks again and have already traveled quite a distance in the name of going to a shop.

This morning, I went shopping and came home with a kitten. I happened to be visiting a pet shop, without intending to buy and a lady was there with three kittens. Long story short, if I had not taken Gem, she would have landed up at the local animal shelter.