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I’ve been telling you a lot about Gem in the last few entries. You’ll be happy to know she is settling in well and spoiled rotten. She hates being away from me and prefers it if she sleeps in my lap in the evenings. I’ve been given a slight reprieve tonight, since she is lying on my desk on the other side of the keyboard.

Or maybe not … she wants my attention again... and has climbed into my lap.

I took Gem outside today, since there is just not enough light for decent pictures in my room. Wow, did she kick up a protest. She really did not like being left on a strange table in the middle of nowhere while I moved back a bit to take a few pictures. She would have leaped from the table to my lap had I left her a moment longer than necessary.

Oh, and that bag idea did not work. But reverse psychology does. I ignore Gem when she ventures out of the bedroom door and so she does not try going very far. It also helps when someone strange walks past too, because then she’s in the bedroom so quickly!

I have not been able to concentrate much on work lately. I get to the office and I always seem so tired.  I don’t know what it is that’s tiring me. I can’t even blame Gem for keeping me awake. I am eating properly and even taking vitamins again. It was only the one night that my back was sore. I’ve cut down on chocolate and feels like I’ve lost weight, though I don’t have a scale to confirm this.

Last night, though, I slept the whole night through. I remember waking once, seeing Gem sleeping in my wheelchair and rolled over and went back to sleep.

My only real worry is that I am battling to find a decent solution for transport to work. I have a reliable lift in the mornings, but the afternoon is always a battle. Right now, I’m relying on a friend at work to give me a lift, but soon he will be working at a different location and then I’m stuck again.

One small victory, which might help finding a lift club easier, is that I have gained permission to leave my manual wheelchair at work in the afternoons. Without that cluttering up the car, I will be able to find a lift with multiple people in the car, instead of only just the driver.