I have always liked cats, but have never been inclined to get one of my own until now. Usually, I visit a friend and try engage their cat and they just ignore me.  But thanks to Sheila, a pure black, loving feline, I have been convinced to give it a try.

Though, I’ve heard that a cat’s urine is really pungent and it is difficult to get rid of the smell. They claw. They scratch furniture to shreds. They roam. I have seen cats left dead on the side of the road before. I don’t like the sight of a dead animal. Plus, imagine the owner’s distress, wondering what has happened to their pet.

Not all my experiences with cats were that depressing (that they ignored me). My grandparents had a Siamese named Tabitha. We called her Tibs. She used to lie on my back while watching TV as a kid.

Then, at school, in about 1993 or 1994, there was a ginger cat that lived under the prefab classrooms. She would jump in my lap during break times and ride around school in my lap. Sometimes she would only get out of my lap while I was in the classroom and had to put my table up to do work.

I must say that I have been extremely lucky with Gem. She has not had any accidents. But then I’ve got two litter trays – one on the floor and the other on the bed. Elsie gave me an old one she found while cleaning her cupboards.

Gem is even learning how to bury her poops in the litter trays.

When I turn out the lights, I don’t hear a sound. If I wake during the night, there she is sleeping in my wheelchair.

You can already tell that she’s growing. I took her to visit Cilia earlier. She did not kick up a fuss like before being in the same room as Sheila, the oldest cat on the property.

Gem is also becoming more inclined to explore beyond the safety of the bedroom, which means that despite the heat, I plan to keep the door closed while she is active. I saw a strange calico cat outside earlier, so I will be doubly sure that Gem does not explore very far.

At the same time, though I am at a dilemma as to how I should continue raising her as we go forward. I have been told that I am spoiling her badly and this could become detrimental later, since she is not being socialized with other humans and cats. She is only seven weeks old and quite naturally I am protective of her at such a young age. It’s not like I am deliberately hiding her away. I just want her to associate the bedroom with safety.

Your comments and advice would be appreciated