Guess I can’t call it “Freaky Friday”, but the way this cat is going, I’ll probably awaken tomorrow morning with a few gray hairs…

This morning was not too bad. Though where she gets all her energy from, I wish I knew.

The little brat has figured out that I’d rather let her run than hurt her. I was just about ready when Catherine, who drives me to work, arrived. She was on the bed, but made a dash for the door as I tried to close it. Much to my dismay, she made it out the door before I was able to close it. And then did not want to go back inside.

I had to find a lift home with another friend today, Annick. Instead of going straight back to Quad House, she took me to her place so I could meet her family – her husband and two gorgeous dogs. I spent a while there, playing with the dogs, two pugs. Needless to say, Sheila and Gem were slightly miffed when I finally got home, though both quickly forgave me.

Gem, though, has been on her own mission tonight. I shut her in my room again while having dinner and came back to silence. I thought I’d take the opportunity to chat to Chris. Who then told me it was the silence before she started howling again. True as bob, she started again, getting louder and louder with each meow.

So, I went and fetched her. Or tried to. Once that door was open, she was out exploring again. In the bathroom and then down the corridor to Chris’ room. Finally, she returned and jumped in my lap. Chris suggested that I get her some milk. So, we went to the kitchen. Genius on my lap decided to climb up the top of my wheelchair and jump off halfway back to the bedroom. Jump or fall, I’m not sure, but she was not injured. Lucky for me, she followed me back to the room.  Being outside in the dark was still a bit scary…