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Gemma is fast asleep in my lap. Considering that I got up at 03:30 this morning, I am surprised that I am still awake.

No, I definitely do not get up that early on a regular basis. This morning, we went out to Hartebeespoort Dam for a fun day, aimed at raising money for the quad houses up in Johannesburg.

We started the day quite early with a walk-a-thon, in conjunction with the SAPS, to raise awareness about handing in unused firearms (I think?) and this was flighted briefly on the SABC news earlier this evening. Unfortunately, I did not see myself on the news clip.

After the walk was done, we drove further down the road to a small craft village where a huge tent was set up. There, along with plenty of able-bodied people, including two groups of bikers (who proved to be an awesome bunch of people as we got to know them), we played several games, including Bingo, Pictionary, blow darts and wheelchair races.

I think our House was the smallest team there, but we succeeded in getting third place and won quite a few cool rewards, including beaded jewelery, kit bags, t-shirts and other stuff.

We had breakfast and lunch provided, after which we left and headed back home. The dance was going to be a bit much and it was amazingly hot, even with the large tent overhead.

Gem got another fright this afternoon, getting bumped again with my wheelchair. I think she’s learning that when it’s in motion, keep out of the way. She wasn’t hurt, though. Before long, she was up on the bed, playing with my feet and toes while I read a book. We have books passing through here regularly, donated by the public and sold in our shop to raise funds. I grabbed a Jonathan Kellerman, which I plan to finish and give back to be sold.