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It seems that the more I write in my blog, the less I have to say. Though, today was as uneventful as it could get.

I am still struggling to get a lift from work.  Mornings are sorted, but getting home is still a problem. I have asked Michael, who works here, to put up notices at Spar and Pick n Pay. Still not getting a response, I have placed an ad on Gumtree this morning. Let’s hope I get a response from that soon.

So the news that I promised via Twitter earlier is this: I have put my name down at the South African Guide-dog Association again and will have my assessment interview on Thursday. It has been almost three years since Fayth passed and high time that I got another dog. I miss having a dog like her around.

And that is pretty much all she wrote. As I said, a really uneventful day.

(Yes, even Gem had a quiet day too 🙂 )