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… it’s good, it’s nice! That comes from some South African advert for a chicken fast food franchise. I don’t remember which one it is, but that line definitely applies to my life right now.

Since I was running out of things to write about, I thought I would give Tuesday night’s entry a miss. Last night was missed because I fell asleep without even turning my PC on for the night.

So, on Tuesday,  Telkom came and installed my land line. Exactly 13 days after initial application. Believe it or not, they were very quick and efficient. But trying to catch my parents at home to chat to them proved another story. I finally had a long chat with them tonight.

Later that afternoon, I was showing Arrie some pictures on the computer. He is one of the staff’s children. Yes, a black kid with an Afrikaans name. He is the apple of everyone’s eye. Cheeky grin, but far from spoiled.

Anyway, I came across the photos that I had taken of Fayth the day before we had her put down. It’s been ages since I last looked at them and the first time since that day that I had looked at the video clips that I had taken. I felt a sharp pang of sadness looking at the videos again and cried hard for a few minutes. Tears of sadness, yes, but not a sadness borne of depression or hurt. I stopped a few minutes later and felt better for the release.

On a lighter note, I had a visit from the Service Dog trainers at the SA Guide-dog Association today. It was a good interview to assess what my needs would be for a new dog. We chatted about various things and they told me how much had changed at the centre. Needless to say I am interested to go back and see what’s different.

Gem got spoiled today. I went and bought her a scratching post. It wasn’t the cheapest one either, but she soon proved that my money was well-spent. She spent ages sharpening her already sharp claws and playing with the ball hanging off the side. Earlier this evening was hilarious as she crouched a distance away and took a running start at the dangling ball, to swat it to the side.

Gem also had her first visit from the vet today and was very well behaved. She did not protest at all when she had her first injection, though we had difficulty giving her a deworming tablet. I have it near me, to crush with a bit of gravy at the next opportunity.

And that is pretty much all she wrote. Gem slept all afternoon, but I think she has tired herself out again chasing madly after that ball and then exploring down the corridor again. I give up trying to keep her inside in the evenings. So long as she does not go out the front door…