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You probably noticed that I haven’t blogged for a couple days again. I have noticed, since my stats took a dive between entries. Problem is, there is not always that much to write about. And, I am spending less and less time on the computer.

It is Sunday night. Again. I am sitting in front of my computer with Gemma in my lap and not relishing the thought of work tomorrow. As usual. Chris is right, that I would go crazy without something to do. But right now, I would rather do anything other than go to work.

Yesterday, I went shopping at Cresta, which is becoming a usual routine for me. I met a friend there and we went linen shopping together before sitting down to a late breakfast. I bought a new duvet set, since I got paid on Friday. Lucky me gets paid earlier in the month than most, so can avoid the end of the month rush.

After that, we were planning to go to the Rosebank flea market, but ended up going to a nursery instead. I had loads of fun looking around and bought a couple succulents and herbs, as well as two bags of potting soil to kick start my gardening again.

This morning, I had so many things planned that I wanted to do, but as usual, a spanner got thrown in the works. Really beginning to hate tools.

I was hungry for once, and went to have an omelet for breakfast. When Chris and I left the kitchen, he saw that my wheelchair had a flat front tyre. Luckily, one of the other residents had a repair kit, but it still took a while to fix.

That, and knowing that I had to find a lift to work for next week, got me rather agitated and annoyed.

Finally, I went and started working in the garden. Some empty garden pots had been donated earlier in the week, so there was no shortage of potting materials. Just items to put in the pots. I split one of the succulents that I got into six smaller ones. I had deliberately chosen one with several shoots on it, since it’s just a nice plant to begin with. The herbs that I got were just left in their pots – parsley and thyme. And then I planted three new plants that had been rooting in a glass of water. Those three have already been given to new owners and the rest are on a bench outside awaiting a special corner of the garden where I can hide away and enjoy myself.

Unfortunately, Gemma got ignored for most of the afternoon, though she had my attention in the morning. She acted out as soon as the door was opened just now, when I returned from a late dinner (Steers with Craig in the top house), and made a dash for the front door to take her first steps outside.