Gem - 13 FebHeaven help me tonight. Gemma has slept all afternoon and has only woken up not too long ago. Every time that I tried to wake her up before only resulted in her curling up in a new spot and going back to sleep. For a moment, I actually thought something was wrong with her, because she was sleeping so much.

Gem - Feb 16I have not shared any new pictures of her recently, so thought it would be nice to share a whole lot in the same blog entry. You will see how big she has grown. I am sure she has doubled in size since I got her. She is growing way too fast, but still an absolute pleasure to have.

This morning, she took her first steps outside. Well, she did last night already but everything looked a lot more daunting in the dark. Gem - 22 FebI gave up today, trying to keep her in my room and left the door open all day. For the most part, she stayed close by. Except for her one venture outside, where I followed close behind with the camera. Interestingly enough, she did not set foot on the grass.

A little later, I took her to visit Cilia and her cat Sheila. Gemma took one look at the big black cat and hid behind my back. Not as bold as she was two weeks ago when they first met.Feb 22 On the way back to the room, she jumped from my lap again and did another marathon exploration of the garden. Probably why she ended up sleeping all afternoon.

It’s been a mission keeping her in tonight, though. I normally have my wheelchair’s shopping box blockading the door, but she’s figured out how to jump on top of it, so now I’ve had to pack a tupperware on top of the box to try keep her in.

Feb 22It is now getting extremely late. Strangely enough, Gem is not as hyper as I would expect her to be, considering the time she slept. I can only hope that she does not distract me too much as I sleep. Luckily for me, she is still not interested in balls with bells in…