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So I know this blog is read quite avidly by a couple friends. I joked with someone in the chat room just now that my fan base was clamoring for another blog entry. He laughed and said, sure. It’s true, I said!

Looking at my blog hits, people have got to be reading. And it’s definitely not limited to just immediate family members. Somewhere recently, we hit the 11,000 mark. At the rate I’m going, the next 1,000 won’t take too long either.

Last night was a good night for chatting online. So much so, that I went to bed well past my usual bedtime. Thanks, Mav, for the great company.

So today, I kept quiet. Gemma also didn’t do much. For some reason she’s been finding the outdoors quite daunting and has not explored much. She is also being very well-behaved with the bedroom door open. So long as I am in the room with her, she only occasionally explores the bathroom opposite or checks the passage on either side. More often than not, she sits in the doorway, watching activity.

I took her to visit Cilia and her cats. The reception was very different compared to two weeks ago. Instead of Liquorice (now known as Liefie) being the scared one, it was Gemma, hiding behind me.

Later on, I went back to Cilia’s room to chat about something and Misty (now known as Boet) had come in and was playing with Liefie. They are about the same age, but he is a lot bigger than her. But that’s beside the point. It was fascinating watching them play together. There was not a sound as they pounced and rolled together.

Dogs, by comparison. Well, you know when they are playing. You can hear it from the next room. Well, TJ was always very vocal.

It was quite funny. Boet was lying on his back, watching Liefie grooming herself. The moment he looked my way, she pounced on him and their games continued. The old lady, Sheila, just lay on her chair and watched, waiting for 19:30 when she would meet me outside for our routine little chat …