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Well, I have mentioned briefly that I am getting divorced. I also mentioned that I have found a new place to stay. Both achievements that would not have happened without the support of my brother and his girlfriend.

What I have not mentioned much about is where I have moved to. It is a quad house up here in Johannesburg. A quad house is a wheelchair friendly residence where a number of people in wheelchairs are able to live with a fair level of independence.

There are eleven other residents here and the variety of personalities is interesting. Even after a month, there are several people that I don’t know that well and only chat to in passing. There are those I just have not connected with at all and those that I have made a strong and immediate friendship with.

We are gearing up towards a fete next month and looking for public donations. There was an article in the paper and I plan to blog about it going forward. Anyone wanting more information can get hold of me via the “Contact Me” page. But, bear in mind that this is for Johannesburg areas only.

Needless to say, the house has been a hive of activity and can only get busier as the big day gets closer. Every day, we have different members of the public dropping off random boxes of stuff. Everything from books and old clothes to gardening equipment, kitchen items, you name it. Sometimes I wonder where it all gets packed away as more and more goodies arrive…

What would you think of different ways to support the house? Being an NPO, we are always seeking ideas for fund-raising, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

More tomorrow …