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Instead of running out of things to write about, I am now running out of blogging subject titles. Problem is, there is no one specific topic to write about. And there are only so many times you can call a post “Random” or “This and that…”

There were quite a few new donations brought to the house. From a trampoline, to piles and piles of clothes. And a stunning antique drinks trolley which I bought on the spot. Never mind waiting for the fete. I’ve set it up in my room already, in place of the wicker drawers next to my bed. It is the perfect spot to put all my different cold-drinks and bedside stuff.

Gemma also likes it and uses it to launch herself on to my wheelchair from behind.  I’ve moved the wicker baskets to the foot of the bed where Gemma can now have her food on top. It clears my bed of some clutter and saves me from an accidental mess.

As you can see, she has found the perfect spot to check the world around her. Though it’s not that stable when I decide to start riding around. My wheelchair has a car seat in it. And in the picture, Gemma is perched at the highest point.

My blog is still proving extremely popular and the hits are rolling in. One thing that is proving popular is the “New Beginnings” entry that I wrote a while back. This is because a friend, Keira,  is promoting the entry on her chat room.

This was meant to be a once-off piece of writing, meant to convey the fact that I was going through a change in my life. But I have had several requests for more to be written. Yet, I have no idea how to advance the story further.

Any suggestions would be welcome. Plus, if you are keen on donating to the fete, please don’t hesitate to contact me …