I have been on the go all day. Before switching my computer on at about 18:30, I don’t think I had a moment to myself at all. Except maybe the walk to the cafe on the corner which was taken at a nice leisurely pace.

I woke up late after getting to bed rather late last night again. Yes, I was online chatting to friends and don’t regret a moment of it. Tonight does not hold much hope of being a late night so far.

First thing in the morning (9:00 – after waking an hour earlier), we had a meeting for the upcoming fete. Much like a status report, from what I could gather. It was Afrikaans. My grasp of the language is improving and I can hold my own in a conversation, but not all the time.

The donations are still rolling in and I can see that our volunteers are going to be sorting through a huge heap of boxes come Monday morning. Don’t forget to contact me if you are interested in donating as well.

I was almost late for a coffee meeting with Sulette, at about 10:30. We met around the corner at a bakery coffee shop. I had a glass of strawberry juice since I don’t drink coffee and we had the most delicious croissants with cheese and tomato on. We spent well over an hour chatting and it did not feel like long at all.

When I got back, I got stuck into mine and Cilia’s African Violets, trimming off all the dead leaves and flowers, pulling off extra leaves and repotting them. I have a whole bowl full of leaves which we plan to root and repot for new plants. Maybe we’ll sell them or give them away as gifts.

Before I knew it, supper time was upon me. We had a chicken and cheese combination on a bed of rice. Very delicious. Just to unwind, I took a walk to the cafe. It was a perfect end to the evening. When I got back to the room, I suddenly realized how tired I was and Chris laughed at me, calling me a jack rabbit, having been busy all day.

Gemma is stretched out on my lap. I left my bedroom door open all day, though she did not venture out much. She did extend her boundary a bit, but still runs when certain people approach. She likes some, and not others. I always find her fascinating to watch. She also met Sheila again tonight and was rather surprised as Sheila hissed when she tried to greet. Given that the cat is thirteen years old, I can understand.

Right now, I am going to log off and read a book in bed. Chat soon!!