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I can just wish that every day was just like today. Unfortunately,  it cannot be so and tomorrow it is back to work and sitting in a boring office, wishing I was at home, playing with Gemma and working in the garden …

So I did not get to bed early last night as planned. Just as I was about to log off, Coleen logged on. She is in Australia at the moment, visiting her son and youngest grandson. Given that she is my best friend, I had to stay up for a bit and catch up on news.

I woke fairly early today, surprisingly enough and lay in bed playing with Gemma. She is extremely active first thing in a morning and loves her play time. She doesn’t seem to be biting as hard lately, but I’m still receiving new scratches on my left hand on a regular basis.

Something I’ve noticed over the last couple days is she is learning how to use her tail. As she walks, now, the top of her tail curls a bit, almost forming a question mark.

It is Hercie’s birthday on Tuesday. She invited myself and another friend, Keith, out to lunch at a Chinese restaurant down the road. The food was great and I don’t need to mention how much I enjoyed the company as well.

On the way back home, we stopped at the shop for a couple goodies and I bought a manicure set specifically for the sharp-tipped scissors. Cilia’s cat, Liefie, was spayed last week and today, she was due to have her stitches out. She lay on her bed, quite happy to roll over and let me carefully snip and pull them out.

I have to admit, this was the first time I have done something like that, but it did not bother me. Usually I have a thing for seeing needles through flesh and what not, but taking Liefie’s stitches out was a cinch.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the garden again. Cilia has a whole crate full of plants, of which I don’t remember the name. It’s a fairly common plant, so I’m sure I’ll find the name somewhere. Anyway, I just took one plant out, trimmed off most of the top branches, to put into separate pots, since they were rooting in mid-air. Then I put the adult plant in a new pot of its own and some more cuttings in water to get roots.

An idea I had was to print labels with a “Thank you for donating” message, with the house’s physical address and NPO details on, for further donations and give them, and the African Violets, away as “Thank you gifts”.

What do you think? Any other ideas? Don’t forget to message me if you are in the Johannesburg area and want to donate stuff that you would usually throw out …