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Bet you got a bit of a surprise when you logged on to my blog today. I logged in to the site and saw that there was a new theme available. I had a look and did not like it very much. But I still wanted to change the theme. This was one of the first themes I saw and remember liking it once, so I activated it. What do you think? Old or new?

So, on Monday, we received an e-mail reminding us that the office would be without water the next day (now, yesterday). There would be portable toilets set up and bottled water available. I had the option of coming to work, not sure whether there would be a portable toilet that was wheelchair friendly (which apparently there was), working at the head office in town, or working from home. Working from home seemed like the cheapest option. Again, which would you have chosen?

Today, I got to work and everything looked quite normal. “Num Lock” on the keyboard lit. Mouse working. Screen blank. I moved the mouse and tapped a few keys on the keyboard. Nothing. “Caps Lock” lit up, so something was happening. I couldn’t reach the reset button, so asked Jenny to help. About ten minutes later, after switching monitors and forcing a restart, we discover that the PC is dead. Unable to be revived. I guess you could call this paragraph its obituary. Kidding. It will be recovered, when a new motherboard is installed.

That has been the highlight of my day so far. Surprisingly enough, for six hours sleep, I am not feeling that tired. Energy comes and goes, though, depending on how entertained I feel at the moment. Can’t say that the day is lacking entertainment so far …