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They say that pictures paint a thousand words. Well, it is more than time that I showed you what my room looks like at Quad House.

We have been getting plenty donations in, for the upcoming fete on 27 March and so I managed to pick up several pieces of furniture for next to nothing. The bookcase was already mine, but stood on the right hand side previously. This is the view from behind my door.

That is the current design on my bedspread. I needed a second one, and when I saw this, knew I had to have it. Thankfully, Gemma has been quite considerate and not tried to destroy the stitching. Though the little throw cushion on the right is another story. Considering the pattern, I think it was only a matter of time before the shapes came apart anyway.

I think I deliberately did not take a picture of the bed, since it was not made this morning. Anyway, that’s the new bedside table and all the plants on my windowsill. I am expecting that collection go grow as time goes on. You can’t see it in this picture, but the African Violet on the table is in full bloom. I have not seen so many flowers on it ever.

Right at the bottom, is a little sleeping spot for Gemma. She uses it during the day, preferring to snuggle with me at night.

A tupperware, with her food in, is on the shelf above, with my cooler bag for work, and several bottles of concentrated cold drink.

That’s my computer table, with my hi-fi and bar fridge nicely tucked away in the corner. I tend to keep my camera on top of the computer, within easy reach, just for those Kodak moments, like I had earlier. Maybe I’ll share the pictures just now, or leave you in suspense until tomorrow.

Last, but not least is the view to the right of my bedroom door. That little dustbin has been moved around so often. The mess above the plastic drawers has since been cleaned. Those wicker baskets used to be my bedside table. Then they got moved to the foot of the bed and used as Gemma’s feeding place. Now they are sitting there until further notice. The laundry basket used to be where the wicker baskets are. Above that is a table, which collapses almost like a TV-tray. I am using that for my fabric painting. Above all that are built-in cupboards which reach almost to the ceiling.

And that is all she wrote. My room is fairly packed now and I cannot fit any more furniture. If I see anything more that I like, it’s going to have to be “out with the old and in with the new”. I do have plenty of space for pot plants, though.