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That would probably be the best way to describe the events of today. Though your opinion might vary from mine.

I got up early and just wished I could go back to bed. I wanted to go to bed early, but it did not happen. I like taking my time and before I knew it, it was close to, if not later than 23:00 again.

I got to work and set up my laptop (well, if you can call the OneNote a laptop). First thing I noticed, that after two months of inactivity, the battery was gone. However, the wireless was picking up networks again. But the network did not have a security certificate, so I could not connect. So for the next hour, I battled with the LAN connection, locked my password and had to get it reset.

Then, I found out that a technician had come to check my desktop yesterday while I was working from home. The computer turned on, but he could not log on to the network. They tried to tell him the network cable was unplugged. I tried it for myself today. The computer turned on, but did not get as far as being able to log on to the system.

Between computers and actually trying to get some work done, the morning flew and it was time for our team outing at Brightwater Commons. We went to Mimmo’s for pizza and then played a couple games of tenpin bowling while I watched. Sure beats a day at the office on a Friday afternoon.

That has basically been my Friday. My shoulder was sore when I got home, so took a walk to the pharmacy round the corner to get some Robaxin. I intended to have a pill after dinner, but the pain has just about gone. I might take one anyway, so that I get a good night’s sleep and give my back a proper chanceĀ  to relax.