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Today was another of those days where almost nothing got done. Maybe even less than yesterday, but at least I did not feel tired like yesterday. Just mellow and lazy.

I am still working on this site and making improvements to it. Now, I am working on a few galleries. The only one that I have completed is Fayth’s. As you can see, it is not accessible from the menu on the left. Rather, you have to navigate to the “My Pets” page and then click on “Pictures” within the entry itself. I have done it this way so that the menu does not get too cluttered.

I decided to take a walk to Pick n Pay this morning, since I did not go to Cresta yesterday. On the way home, I took a different route. I almost got lost, but landed up at Spar which is half the distance, but almost in the opposite direction. The reason why I did not go to Spar is because the route is not as wheelchair friendly, in my opinion and the road is very busy.

I spent time sitting in the garden watching Gemma run around, or playing with her in the bedroom. I have a stick with a magnet hanging off the end. One of those really random donations that we get. Someone must have made it to play “Go Fish”. Anyway, Gemma loves playing with it. She has a ball hanging off her scratch post, yet she would rather play with me and the swinging magnet. Interaction, I suppose.

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