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Monday! That’s got to be the reason. My nerves can’t be frazzled for any other reason. Actually, I wish. But it’s not. Fact is, Gemma is growing up and growing in confidence and like a real mother, I am getting worried about her.

We saw that feral cat twice today and both times, Gemma ran after it, wanting to greet her. I am going to assume that the cat is female because, from what I have learned on Animal Planet, that is what gender a calico cat usually is. I might even have to start calling her Patch. Can’t keep referring to her as “the feral cat”, can I?

I had a dream last week or so that I managed to gain her confidence and befriend her. Somehow, I think that with Gemma’s help, this is one dream that may just come true.

Patch is actually growing in confidence as well and is quite used to seeing me around now. I am probably one of few people that don’t chase her away when seeing her. But that does not stop me from being protective of Gemma when I know she has not had all her inoculations yet. I am going to have to get on to the vet tomorrow about getting her second shot. There has been no signs of aggression between Gemma and Patch, but one just does not know whether she may carry a disease and it will be impossible for me to prevent them from greeting properly in the near future.

Gemma and I spent a lot of time in the garden this afternoon. Her boundaries are expanding and she explored almost as far as the main house today, before getting nervous and turning back. Then we went round the back of the lower house, because I wanted to check on my plants and Gemma got stuck on Rudy’s balcony. It’s not that high. A person could stand comfortably and rest their elbows on the wall. But for a little cat, it was a bit daunting at first to find a way down.

I think she tired herself out with all the crazy running around. I don’t have a ceiling light tonight because the ceiling fan is only half installed. A friend of Elsie’s, Victor, has been kind enough to assist with installation. So, I am sitting here by the light of my bedside lamp. The soft light is keeping me relaxed and I am quite in the mood now for an early night.