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write something. Especially since I did not make an entry last night and for some reason, my blog stats are dropping through the floor. It seems like people are more interested in reading about Gemma’s antics than anything else…So let’s recap most of this week.

Victor put in my ceiling fan. It has made such a difference. The room is cooler and with three bulbs, also much brighter. I’ve extended the strings which turn the fan and lights on and off so I can reach them. Every so often, Gemma sees them swaying gently and becomes momentarily hypnotised.

Mommy had a partial knee replacement done in both knees on Tuesday. She is doing much better today and exercise of her legs is coming along nicely. She said that one was less swollen than the other.

I am very tired again. I slept a full eight hours last night, but then that Communications Session we had this afternoon did not make for much fun. Sitting in the manual wheelchair for so long made my back sore. I did not realise how sitting at a desk makes a difference. At least then, I can sit forward and lean against something to get a different sitting position.

Getting in and out of three different cars did not help much either. Nor did traveling without a back cushion.

Now, I don’t know whether I should work from home tomorrow and take the opportunity to rest. Or go to work, since next week might pose a problem with transport, since Cat, the au pair who was taking me in the mornings, can no longer do so.

Thing is, maybe I should go in and print that form for blood tests. I’m wondering whether this tiredness could be attributed to a depletion of hormones. I am due for a visit at the doctor, but have been putting it off, since my medical aid benefits only kick in next month. My bad for putting it off.