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I woke up this morning and knew that it was not going to be a good day to go to work. At 5am, my back was still severely cramped and it felt like I had not slept a wink. I was exhausted.

So, I sent an sms to Catherine, to ask her not to fetch me, and went back to sleep. Well, after taking half a Robaxin, as well. When I woke up three hours later, I felt marginally better, but still tired.

And believe me, I am glad I stayed at home. While in the bath, Cynthia found a huge knot in my left shoulder, which she gave a quick rub. And then later, my back seized up again. I was glad to be home so that I could lie down and let the spasm pass.

I got paid this morning, so I logged into my account to do a few transfers. I got some value shares as well, which enabled me to completely settle my credit card and put a bit away into savings. I am now officially out of the red and it is so strange to look at my balances and see that I can happily spend this month without worrying about maxing out my credit card. Heck, I can spend and my card will still stay on zero.

It still feels strange. I want to go clothes shopping tomorrow, but it does not feel right actually having money in my account to spend. I am hoping now that all my major expenses are done with and I can relax. We will just have to see how this month goes.

In the meanwhile, Gemma is doing well. She is loving the outdoors, as you can see from the picture above. I feel that she is almost ready to explore the outdoors alone now. So much so, that I am planning to buy a haspen staple tomorrow to secure my door with a gap in it, so that she can go outside while I am at work next week.