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That’s what I plan to do after completing this blog entry. I slept for the last two hours and hope to sleep for the next eight hours until tomorrow morning.

As I write this, Patch has decided to pay us a visit. I have been wondering where she disappeared to for the last few days. Tonight, she is so bold as to come right into the house. Gemma seemed less inclined to follow her this time. Not sure how much of it is because I called her away the last few times she saw Patch.

Keeping with Gemma’s adventures. She had her first climbing experience today. I would have posted pictures, but after having the braai (BBQ), I went straight to bed. There is a little arch with hand rails to the side of the garden, just outside Chris’ room. It has chicken wire mesh as a wall beneath the rail. I suspect that she used that to clamber up. The first time, she was not sure how to get down, so I gave her a hand. The second time, she tried to climb up further, up the arch itself and did not succeed. That time, she had to find her own way to the ground because I disappeared into the house.

So just the day that I have some cash to spend, I don’t find any nice clothes to buy. Don’t think I did not look. I must have gone to about six or eight different shops. From very expensive (Edgars, etc) to cheap (Pick n Pay Clothes).

What do you think of the new theme? After activating it last night, I could not find any other that I liked, so thought I would leave it a while. I have to say, it is rather different.

My back is getting sore again. Time to go back to bed and sleep on the new pillow I bought. Just a standard fibre puff pillow, but ever so comfortable.