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I’m sure you can guess what I’m going to say next. Following on from the last couple days, I should be quite predictable by now. Yes, I am once again exhausted.

Gemma woke me up bright and early this morning at about 05:00. Or maybe I just woke up needing a visit to the bathroom. Whatever the case, she did not let me go back to sleep. My bed was her playground and bounce from one end to the other was all she did for the next hour. Until I got up and tried to convince her to go play outside. Much to Chris’ dismay, as he told me I woke him up.

I found a comment this morning on yesterday’s blog entry saying that my new theme (pictured above) was too dark. I actually quite liked it. It was different, plus the text wrapped nicely around the pictures, making everything flow more smoothly. So I tried a couple other themes, and then with the comment from another friend, settled back on my old theme that I had before.

After that, Gemma and I went back to bed. I had a late morning nap before lunch, which was pork “medallion”, for want of a better description, with baby marrow, rice, mushrooms and pumpkin. I could have sworn Chris told me it was carrots when he came to wake me up. He has since denied this. I thought it strange that the carrots were mashed up, but tasted it anyway and it was delicious.

Then I went to work in the garden a bit. I had a bowl full of African Violet leaves that had not rooted and wanted to stick them into a pot of soil to kick-start their growth before separating them into single pots. The table which I work on had been moved several times since I last worked on it, so it took me a few minutes to rearrange things. Then I discovered that my miniature spade was missing, so went to ask the kids if they had seen it. No luck, so I went and got my spare one, only to discover the first one buried in the soil as I started working.

About an hour or so later, it looked like it was about to rain, so quickly finished off potting a couple aloes. I put them all on the second table, along with three geraniums and some other cuttings I had potted.

It was not a heavy downpour, like the other night, but I took the time to go read my Kindle in bed while Gemma slept. I finally had to wake her up and took her for a walk round the garden. We went all the way round the top house, to Cilia’s balcony, where she met up with Liefie and Sheila. Sheila touched noses briefly before hissing at her. Liefie just watched Gemma explore from a safe distance.

Gemma is now back in bed again. I really hope she does not wake me like she did this morning.

Patch made a brief appearance again, exploring past my bedroom. She raced back out again with a hissing noise. I think someone or something startled her from one of the other rooms.

PS, what I forgot to mention. I updated my World of Warcraft today and downloaded a couple patches for it. I haven’t played it yet, but it won’t surprise me if I get an hour or two of game-play soon.