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This is the first of our long weekends and short weeks. And this weekend, more than any weekend before, I did even less than usual. It was while taking some pictures after the rain last night that I noticed I had difficulty holding my camera. So the next few days, you may not get many, if any new photographs. I’ll probably go back through some old stuff and see what I can find.

Gemma had far more bounce than I did today. This morning feels like a long time ago. All I remember is that she did not have a morning nap like she normally does. She and I went for a walk around the garden again and went and said hello to Liefie. Or shall we call her a cat without a name. She responds to neither her given nor her adopted name. She and Gemma are still eying each other from a short distance, not quite engaging.

The vet came round and gave her a second inoculation just before lunch. Gemma, in the meanwhile, had been annoying me senseless. She was tired, but did not want to lie on the bed and sleep by herself, instead lying all over my keyboard. So, after lunch, I lay down with her and read my Kindle a little before falling asleep myself. She was still asleep when Cilia came to visit a little later and continued to sleep through dinner. Finally, at about 18:25, I picked her up, took her outside and dropped her on the grass, forcing her to wake up. We went to visit Liefie again and sat in the garden until it was completely dark.

She is once again fast asleep, in her little basket under the table. That injection must have tired her a bit.

As promised, here is a picture of Gemma’s first adventure. She went climbing again, but did not get any further than before. There are several structures which are far easier to scale, so I am just waiting for her to find one and get stuck. Hopefully she does this while I am at home, not at work. I may be safe for a few more days, since she is still not confident enough to jump out my bedroom window and I have not been able to come up with a plan to secure my door in such a way to give her free access.